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Welcome to Fall! (Or Spring, depending on your hemisphere.) We're proud to introduce the inaugural ARTIK Newsletter. It's been a very busy time for the ARTIK team as we travel the Road to Beta. We have been busy shipping a limited number of Alpha versions of the ARTIK developer boards to labs, partners and our Alpha developers, and that's good news for our friends awaiting the Beta release – we're getting close! Our engineering team is working hard to finalize the developer boards and software, with the goal of shipping Beta boards by the end of November.

In the meantime, we hope you've been keeping up with the ARTIK and SAMI blogs. In one of our most recent ARTIK blog posts, we used ARTIK and SAMI, along with libraries from our partner Temboo, to show you how to create a simple weather station that reads the local temperature and writes the data to the SAMI cloud for near-real time access and later analysis.

We've also started our "IoT 101" blog series to help you get up to speed on concepts behind the architecture and design of IoT, and to help you make decisions around your IoT products. We started by covering basic connectivity and networking, with more to come. Keep an eye on the ARTIK blog for more of these tutorials, including an upcoming post on ideas for powering your IoT devices. If there are any topics you'd like to see covered in IoT 101 or elsewhere on our blogs, please let us know.

ARTIK at the Tizen Developer Conference

Recently, at the 2015 Tizen Developer Conference in Shenzhen, China, Tizen 3.0 was announced and demonstrated running on both ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10. Curtis Sasaki, VP of Ecosystems, discussed the state of the IoT market, introduced the ARTIK platform, and also discussed Tizen on ARTIK and how SAMI is a key enabler.

Samsung VP MK Kang hosted a technical session on ARTIK to a packed room, and Dr. Luc Julia presented and demonstrated how easy it was to create a Tizen TV Manifest in SAMI, get real-time data, and have the Tizen TV interact with other devices already connected to SAMI once the Manifest was created.

Around 1,500 attended the conference. This was the first time the Tizen Developer Conference was held in Shenzhen, and it was breathtaking to see the rapid modernization of a large city and the move for Shenzhen to become a smart city. Needless to say, IoT and ARTIK drew a lot of excitement.


Accessing the ARTIK 10 GPIO

It's time to start thinking about how you will use ARTIK in your application. Have you checked out our GPIO guide yet? (You'll need to login to view the page.) If not, you'll find helpful examples and diagrams describing how to use the ARTIK 10's I/Os. We'll be updating this guide for ARTIK 1 and ARTIK 5 in the future.

img alt

Until next time...

We value your feedback! We are working to improve both the content and organization of our documentation so that you can hit the ground running when you receive your ARTIK Beta DevKits. Please get in touch if there is any specific information you'd like to see in the ARTIK documentation, or if there are blog topics, tutorials or IoT tips that can help you get started.

See you on the Road to Beta!

- From your friends at Samsung ARTIK


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EZ Robotics新品发布,消费机器人市场将掀起轩然大波

EZ Robotics new release, the consumer robotics market will set off an uproar

2015-09-22 TBOT EZRobotics

Follow us believe that the public number of friends to this day the long-awaited, and nothing can be more exciting than that not unveiled a new product it? Today we will live up to expectations.

The design from the beginning of March this year, today released the robot, in the end what kind of it? Small as you gradually revealed.

Before TBot appear, you may not know how long you can often accompanied by their parents in the next; TBot appear before, no matter if you want to accompany the child around, but can not, because of work and family is often difficult to co-existence, the more so the more outstanding. Once you have TBot, everything will change, you may be able to cross it, you can not cross the temporal and spatial distance.

EZ Robotics introduced the first robot named TBot, 1.2 meters tall and weighing 15kg, modular design and the overall robot brain-based iOS system, so TBot more playable than the average robot, versatility and scalability. IOS-based platform developed remote video intercom system, so you can easily chat with your family anytime, anywhere, so that accompany distance; 7x24 hour as a family member at home, TBot also through its powerful intelligent voice interaction App, broadcast news for you, play music, check the weather, human-computer chat is a great intelligent assistant.

TBot streamlined body gentle and graceful curve, contour lines Ling Li in another sleek, black and white colors and ice blue lights adorn it exude elegance glamorous sense of technology; but as attentive service robots, but people very Meng, how to push also push not fall oh, two-wheeled self-balancing technology Which is stronger? ! In the current field of service robots almost too hot foam, TBot it looks definitely be delightful, the beauties.

Not only is the appearance, the height is also quite particular about. Because TBot mainly for home users, from eight feet tall brawny, to less than one meter high and young children, are likely to be TBot interactive object, so we paid great attention to design versatility. And TBot two meters tall, coupled in the horizontal direction can freely rotate and tilt the head, no matter how much the user height, TBot head can find the most suitable angle, allowing users to get the best interactive experience and psychological acceptance .

TBot body using a modular design, the "brain", "head", "body" configuration, each module can be customized and replaced. This scalability allows the robot can be applied to different scenarios.

* Brain: the head is fixed in TBot iPad or iPad Mini;

* Head: The biggest highlight is the use of a separate head can be taken down, and horizontal and tilt two rotational degrees of freedom;

* Body: shape not only the United States, the future can be easily extended arm, projectors and other useful features;

* Landing gear: the most handsome and most body parts can provide a sense of security;

* Two-wheeled self-balancing chassis: Wheel diameter large by ability, hubless design science and technology lifestyle security is good;

* Charging base: streamlined appearance, supports automatic charging.

We believe TBot will become a great family to accompany the robot and the 7x24-hour home intelligent assistant, in addition, TBot also be used for remote offices, factory visits, distance education, telemedicine, banking and other operating room services, museums remote visit, even meals and other scenes, as we hoping as: TBot see the world on your behalf!

EZ Robotics team and that something TBot

EZ Robotics was founded in late 2014, is a focus on the development of cutting-edge technology company serving robot, team members from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tencent, Siemens, Lei Feng network, solid high-tech, the company CEO Zhang Tao, and other core team members have long 10 years of robot research and development or related experience, we believe that in the near future robots will spread to every home.

EZ Robotics Development TBot mind, because our team members like most people, are often unable to meet with their parents or children, so we wanted to grinding out a self-love, but also for the benefit of everyone's warm robots. In the long road home robot or service robot, TBot but we have taken a small step, EZ Robotics next generation of robots will have a major breakthrough in the mechanical structure, control and intelligence and other areas, we with you the same expectations.

Finally, we are not really looking forward to our TBot it? October 11, we will be held in Shenzhen new experience, more news, please note the official website and this public number!

EZ Robotics, Easy Life!

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Augmented Pixels: Indoor Navigation Platform for Drones

Drones are notoriously difficult to handle indoors: hard to control and prevent crashing into walls or people.

Augmented Pixels has been actively developing technology (including SLAM) to ensure safe flights as well as intuitive and easy navigation using Augmented Reality.

They came up with a platform that significantly reduces accident rates and minimizes the effect of "human factor". Moreover, it is possible to program the drone to fly around and land by itself.

The prospects for this technology include a wide range of use cases (e.g. inspection of premises for security, creation of 360-degree tours, etc.).Augmented Pixels is located in Palo Alto, CA.