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Fwd: the difference between Servo Motor and Stepper Motor

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Subject: the difference between Servo Motor and Stepper Motor
Hi John Sokol,
Many customers ask us this question: what's difference between Servo Motor and Stepper Motor, and why should we choose Servo Motor. Today I will answer this question.
Stepper Motor is device for discrete movement, in the current digital control system, the application of the Stepper Motor is very extensive. With the advent of all-digital AC Servo system, AC Servo Motors are increasingly used in digital control system. 
Servo motor in the absence of the control voltage, the stator only has pulsating magnetic field generated by the field winding, the rotor is stationary. When it has a control voltage, they produce a rotating magnetic field within the stator, usually under the constant load, the rotational speed of the motor changes in the size varies, when the control voltage of the opposite phase, the servo motor will be reversed.
Compared with Stepper Motor, Servo Motor has these advantages: 
1. Accuracy: to achieve a closed-loop control of position, velocity and torque; overcome the problem of stepper motor falling out step.
2. Speed: high-speed performance, generally rated speed can reach 2,000 to 3,000 rpm;
3. Adaptability: strong anti-overload, able to withstand three times the rated torque load, to have instantaneous load fluctuations and require fast start especially for the occasion;
4. Stability: stable low-speed operation, suitable for high-speed response requirements of the occasion;
5. Timeliness: Motor acceleration and deceleration of the dynamic response time is short, usually within a few tens of milliseconds;
6. Comfort: heat and noise significantly reduced.

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