Monday, January 19, 2015

Larry Smarr - Supercomputing and the Human Brain

20 minutes in they are still thinking of Video fixed to a wall.  Why are they not thinking immersive telepresense?

Friday, January 16, 2015

STORM Racing Drone with First Person View experience.

This is telepresence! One small step, move to IP based video instead of Analog, and you can do this across the globe.

First Person View is telepresence

Storm and Helipal proudly present Storm Racing Drone Type-A Ready to Fly Edition
For a long time we wish to fly a drone with a video system, just like flying it in the cockpit as First Person View experience. Now Storm has made something specially for this purpose called the Storm Racing Drone, actually it's a very small drone (250 class) with a smooth FPV system onboard, and tuned to have faster respond than other aerial filming drones, we flew the drone and we totally addicted to it! The idea worked so well, by looking at the monitor we guide the drone thru a forest without crashing, then we flew faster and faster, it's not like playing video games, it requires skills and needless to say, it's lot more exciting, put more of these in the field and you and your friends is like doing Podracing, just like the Sci-Fi movie.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Net:Work 2010: Trevor Blackwell, Anybots

Camera-based GPS

Stanford Robotics, Lecture by Professor Oussama Khatib for Introduction to Robotics (CS223A)

Stanford Robotics

Lecture by Professor Oussama Khatib for Introduction to Robotics (CS223A) in the Stanford Computer Science Department.

Lecture 1 | Introduction to Robotics In the first lecture of the quarter, Professor Khatib provides an overview of the course.

Lecture 2 | Introduction to Robotics Walking Machines then goes into his first topic -- Kinematics.

Lecture 3 | Introduction to Robotics Flexible Microactuators and continues lecturing on Kinematics and Spatial Descriptions.

Lecture 5 | Introduction to Robotics Brachiation Robot, then goes into a lecture on Frame Attachment.

Lecture 6 | Introduction to Robotics Locomotion Gates with Polypod, then lectures on Instantaneous Kinematics and the Jacobian Matrixes.

Lecture 7 | Introduction to Robotics short video on a robot playing beach volleyball, then continues The Jacobian.

Lecture 8 | Introduction to Robotics short video on Mobile Robots: Automatic Parallel Parking, then finishes Kinematic Singularity and the Jacobian.

Lecture 9 | Introduction to Robotics Guest lecturer Gregory Hager covers Perception and Sensing in Robotic Mobility and Manipulation.

Lecture 10 | Introduction to Robotics Guest lecturer Krasimir Kolarov (co-writer of the lecture notes along with Professor Khatib) presents Trajectory Generation.

Lecture 11 | Introduction to Robotics short video on The Robotic Reconnaissance Team, then begins lecturing on Dynamics.

Lecture 12 | Introduction to Robotics short video on An Innovative Space Rover with Extended Climbing Abilities, then continues his lecture on Dynamics.

Lecture 13 | Introduction to Robotics shows a short video on Juggling Robots, then lectures on robotics control.

Lecture 14 | Introduction to Robotics shows a short video on A Finger-Shaped Tactile Sensor Using An Optical Waveguide, then lectures on Robot control and the one degree of freedom.

Lecture 15 | Introduction to Robotics shows a short video about On the Run: The Leg Laboratory, then continues to lecture on Control.

Lecture 16 | Introduction to Robotics shows a short video on PUMA robots demonstrating compliant motion and force control, lectures on Compliance, and shows the class various types of robots.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1951 - Stereo-Television in Remote Control

Even in 1951, a SMPTE article begins, “The study of the possibilities of using three-dimensional television in conjunction with remotely controlled electric manipulators is part of a long-range development program” (Johnston, Hermanson & Hull 75)

Johnston, H.R., Hermanson, C.A., and Hull, H.L. “Stereo-Television in Remote Control.” SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal 56.1 (1951): 75-76.