Friday, February 17, 2023

Charleston Robotics ChIMP


San April 2, 2022 at Circuit Launch, Silicon Valley Robotics , hosting the Robot Block Party. 

This was a very cool, hoverboard based Balancing Telepresence Robot.    (site dead at this time, not on

Telepresence RC car

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Interesting Libraries for WebRTC.

Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)

Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN)

Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE)

coturn is a free open source implementation of TURN and STUN Server.

 The TURN Server is a VoIP media traffic NAT traversal server and gateway.

Violet - Lightweight STUN/TURN server

Violet is a lightweight STUN/TURN server (RFC8489 and RFC8656) written in C without dependencies, based on libjuice.

Nice: GLib ICE library

libjuice - UDP Interactive Connectivity Establishment
libjuice   (JUICE is a UDP Interactive Connectivity Establishment library) allows to open bidirectionnal User Datagram Protocol (UDP) streams with Network Address Translator (NAT) traversal.

The library is a simplified implementation of the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) protocol, client-side and server-side, written in C without dependencies for POSIX platforms (including GNU/Linux, Android, Apple macOS and iOS) and Microsoft Windows. The client supports only a single component over UDP per session in a standard single-gateway network topology, as this should be sufficient for the majority of use cases nowadays.

libdatachannel - C/C++ WebRTC network library
libdatachannel is a standalone implementation of WebRTC Data Channels, WebRTC Media Transport, and WebSockets in C++17 with C bindings for POSIX platforms (including GNU/Linux, Android, FreeBSD, Apple macOS and iOS) and Microsoft Windows. WebRTC is a W3C and IETF standard enabling real-time peer-to-peer data and media exchange between two devices.

datachannel-wasm - C++ WebRTC Data Channels for WebAssembly in browsers


Peer-to-Peer VPN to connect your laptops, servers or microcontrollers over the Internet with zero configuration.


From ROS perspective, Husarnet is simply a LAN network. Our tools are ROS aware and can help you configure and monitor your ROS network.